About PMSC :

Physical Medical Specialized center was established since 1992 in one of the best regions of Amman (Alrabyeh),aiming to offer a distinguished medical service, and up-dated recent scientific treatments in the field of physical medicine and rehabilitation. The center is equipped with varieties of most advanced devices, with a highly experienced medical team to be able to help patients in a suitable and effective therapeutic programs and to have the best possible results .

Our center is proud to be able to find successful treatment and cures for many difficult diseases and to offer substitutes of the surgical or long medicinal solutions . The effective treatment in physical medicine depends basically on the proper choice of the therapeutic program, by using the suitable instruments in a proper doze and timing, but sometime Physiotherapy alone is not enough if not accompanied by parallel local or general medicinal treatments (which are numerous and needs a sufficient experience), such as Prolotherapy, Mesotherapy,, Neurotherapy,… etc.) that are a part of a general title called REGENERATIVE MEDICINE. Our center is characterized by its capability of reaching its goals (with God help) through the precise diagnosis, and treatment planning of combined physiotherapy and medicinal therapy. And this is our secret of success (by God well) in relation to other therapeutic means .

Our commitment to clinical excellence and patient care is reflected in the individuals selected to deliver our care. You can feel confident knowing you are receiving one of the highest levels of patient care available to prevent illness and improve your health and overall well-being. We invite you to learn more about our exceptional specialist consultant.

About Dr. Saed Albarghouty :